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T.J. Cass
  1. Dec 12th
    I Don't Need Em
    New Music
    Dec 12th
  2. Jan 13th
    BombShell Taveran
    Performing in Orlando, FL
  3. Jan 14th
    King of Diamonds
    Performing In Miami
    Jan 14th
Recent Releases
  1. Put it on
  2. I Be Killin Em
  3. Like I'm Single
About Me
T.J. Cass is a rapper, producer, and singer that has been producing his own music for years. With the self proclaimed party boy life, T.J. takes life and put it to the beat. Rather his emotions or just turning up, he hand creates it all, including this website. Also dabbing in comedy, T.J. has a lot for people to pay attention to this up coming year.